All prices in Canadian Dollars (prices do not include 5% g.s.t.)

Recording at Rain City with me at the helm: (9 hour days)

$600/day (if booking 1-7 days)

$550/day (if booking a week or more)

$500/day (if booking 3 weeks or more)

Freelance engineering at the studio of your choice


Flat Rate Mixing, Unattended (includes 2 revisions, free of charge)

$300/song (for 1-2 songs)

$275/song (for 3-8 songs)

$250/song (for 9 or more songs)

Attended Mixing Sessions

Same price as recording at RCR



I work a nine hour day, some days longer when the project calls for it, rarely shorter. For projects that have a limited budget, there are some ways we can cut costs. I truly try to accommodate every budget so don’t hesitate contact me for a custom quote. Alternatively, feel free to reach out and let me know your budget and I can suggest ways we can achieve the best fidelity for the lowest cost. Financing options are available.