Nearly 600 releases by over 500 bands and counting...

  1. 21 Tandem Repeats "One Little Dream"

  2. 3 Inches of Blood "Battle Cry Under A Winter Sun"

  3. 3 Inches of Blood "Destroy The Orcs"

  4. 3 Inches of Blood "Ride Darkhorse Ride"

  5. A Ghost to Kill Again "s/t"

  6. A Ghost to Kill Again "Stockholm Syndrome"

  7. A Luna Red "ELCTRK!"

  8. A Trozzo “various singles”

  9. Absaroka “coming soon”

  10. Absence, The

  11. Accident, The "s/t"

  12. Accident, The "Don't Panic"

  13. Adictox "2"

  14. Ahna "Empire"

  15. Ahna "Perpetual Warfare"

  16. Ahna "split with G.O.D."

  17. Ahna "split with Contorture"

  18. Alicia Hansen "Fractography"

  19. Alicia Hanson "Companion"

  20. Alien Boys “Night Danger”

  21. All Purpose Voltage Heroes "TBA"

  22. All Star Assassins "Toe Tag Time In Teen Town Tonight"

  23. All State Champion "Is it Nothing to You?"

  24. Almost Transparent Blue "Discography"

  25. Anchoress "Anchoress Is Ruining My Life"

  26. Anciients "Heart of Oak"

  27. Anciients “Voice Of The Void”

  28. Ancille "The Flash & Hum"

  29. Andre's Last Chance "split with Chronic Breaker"

  30. Andy Dixon "The Mice Of Mt. Career"

  31. Anion “Fractions of Failure”

  32. Ape War "Templar"

  33. Ape War "This Is Fucked"

  34. Ape War “War Ape”

  35. Approach, The "Wings of Monarchs"

  36. Arcana

  37. Argument, The "Holdin On"

  38. Arrabio "Hecho En Trinidad"

  39. Assertion "TBA"

  40. Astrakhan "A Tapestry Of Scabs And Skin"

  41. Astrakhan “Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed”

  42. Astrakhan “Reward In Purpose”

  43. Atrophy Manuscript "Setup The Upset"

  44. Atrophy Manuscript "This Present Day Confusion"

  45. Attack, The "Mental Health EP"

  46. Audio Rocketry “S/T”

  47. Avernal “La Quimera de la Perfección”

  48. Baptists "Rain City Sessions"

  49. Baptists "Tourettes"

  50. Basketball "Split 7" with Secret Mommy"

  51. Batoche "Terra Incognita"

  52. Beauts “Artisans / Always Entertaining”

  53. Benzene "Your Body is Your Prison"

  54. Billy The Kid "Perspective"

  55. Billy The Kid & The Lost Boys "Breaking Down The Barriers that Break Down your Music"

  56. Billy The Kid & The Lost Boys "Strong Like Prawn"

  57. Billy The Kid and The South Side Boys "Ours"

  58. Binz, The "How To Freak Out Responsibly About The Rise Of The Robots"

  59. Bison "1000 needles"

  60. Bison "You Are Not The Ocean, You Are The Patient"

  61. Bison "Dark Ages"

  62. Bison "Earthbound"

  63. Bison "Quiet Earth"

  64. Black Amps, The "Ohms For The Poor"

  65. Black Rice "Contact"

  66. Black Rice "Current"

  67. Black Rice "Fall Fashion Catalogue"

  68. Black Rice "Rice Lightning"

  69. Blackjacks, The "Blood and Sweat"

  70. Blackjacks, The "s/t"

  71. Blame Its, The "Freeze My Brain"

  72. Blame Its, The "Panic Plus Planet"

  73. Blame Its, The "Shoot The Shit"

  74. Blame Its, The "split with Old Wives"

  75. Blessed “II”

  76. Blind Driver

  77. Blood Meridian "We Almost Made it Home"

  78. Blood River Band

  79. Bloom

  80. Blowouts, The “Drink It Or Wear It”

  81. Blue Island Trio "Resonance"

  82. Blue Monday "Demo 2K2"

  83. Blue Monday "Split with Go It Alone"

  84. Blue Monday "War Wounds"

  85. Blue Monday "What's Done is Done"

  86. Blue Prints Are Weapons

  87. Bogus Tocus "Total Wipeout"

  88. Books and Branches "Cariboo Whispers"

  89. Born of Ashes "Progress"

  90. Bound by None "s/t"

  91. Bouts "Missteps"

  92. Bouts “Flow”

  93. Bouts "Nothing Good Gets Away"

  94. Brass "No Soap Radio"

  95. Brass “For Everyone”

  96. Bravado

  97. Brutus “Burst”

  98. Brutus “Nest”

  99. Brugada “coming soon”

  100. Buffalo Swans "Buffaloswans"

  101. Buffalo Swans "The Body Electric"

  102. Burden "With Every Step Forward"

  103. Burning Ghats "Continuous Winter"

  104. Burning Ghats "Something OTher Than Yourself"

  105. Butterfly's Attack

  106. Buttless Chaps "Cartography"

  107. Buttless Chaps "Where Night Holds Light"

  108. Buzzing Bees, The "Beep! Beep! I'm a Jeep"

  109. Cadeaux "Physical City"

  110. Calakas “Vaffanculo”

  111. Candela Farm

  112. Cascabella

  113. Catamaran

  114. Chad MacQuarrie "solo"

  115. Chad MacQuarrie “Home and Cage”

  116. Chapel "Satan's Rock 'N' Roll"

  117. Che Chapter 127 "Martyrs for Monuments"

  118. City Streets, The "Concentrated Living"

  119. City Streets, The "Pretenders"

  120. City Streets, The "The Jazz Age"

  121. Clare O'Connor and Corbin Murdoch "Work Songs"

  122. Clones, The "Need A Wave"

  123. Cloudsplitter "S/T"

  124. Clover Honey

  125. Comeback Kid "Rain City Sessions"

  126. Cooked and Eaten "I was Born With The Evil One as My Sponsor"

  127. Copilots "Escape Through The Trees"

  128. Copilots "s/t"

  129. Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles "A Year in Song"

  130. Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles "Ode To Joy"

  131. Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles "Tell Me Again How This Place Got It's Name"

  132. Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles "Wartime Lovesong"

  133. Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles "You & Your Landscapes"

  134. Crimson Din

  135. Crimson Roots "s/t"

  136. D. Trevlon "Man Of Investigation"

  137. d.b.s. "Forget Everything You Know"

  138. Dagrs "s/t"

  139. David Newberry "Replacement Things"

  140. Dead Again "Occultus Lake"

  141. Dead Quiet "s/t"

  142. Dead Quiet “Grand Rights”

  143. Dead Ranch "Antler Royal"

  144. Dead Ranch “Brumation’

  145. Dead Sure "Extra Large Youth"

  146. Dead Sure "From Your Head to your Sacrum"

  147. Death Rays, The "Twelve Gauge Blues"

  148. Def Poets Society "S/T"

  149. Def Poets Society "This is Grip Hop"

  150. Desiderata "We Are Not Convinced There Has Been Any Improvement"

  151. Dessiderta "Alcohawk"

  152. Destroy All "Leviathan Rise"

  153. Devastator "Nothing Means Nothing"

  154. Devotion "Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues"

  155. Dispossessed “coming soon”

  156. Dire Wolves "TBA"

  157. Dirt On, The "Pillow Talk"

  158. Dissent "It's All Over 7"

  159. Dixie's Death Pool

  160. Doers, The "Gaiety'

  161. Doers, The "Plastic Bass E.P."

  162. Doers, The "Plus Bien"

  163. Doers, The "Ready, Set, Do!"

  164. Doers, The "Whatcha Doin"

  165. Double Fuzz "Coco"

  166. Double Fuzz "Double Fuzz"

  167. Duma 55 Play By Numbers"

  168. Dunderheads "demo tape"

  169. Durban Poison "Stereophonic Tonic"

  170. Durban Poison "Wanna Hear About Dancing?"

  171. Eden Fine Day "Things Get Better"

  172. Eden Fine Day “coming soon”

  173. Elizabeth "First Ex-communications"

  174. Elizabeth "War is Beautiful E.P."

  175. Emergency "1 2 3 4"

  176. Emily Best “coming soon”

  177. End This Week With Knives

  178. End This Week With Knives "We Are so Transparent"

  179. Enemy Within, The

  180. Erosion "Kill Us All"

  181. Esperanto "Catch The Light"

  182. Eternal Husbands "French Exit"

  183. Factories and Alleyways "Canadiana"

  184. Falklands "Cold Favour"

  185. Falklands "Think About It"

  186. Fantasy Coffins Of Ghana “coming soon??”

  187. Fashionism "Back In The Day"

  188. Fashionism "Quit Looking At The Time"

  189. Fashionism "Smash The State With Your Face"

  190. Fashionism "Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll"

  191. Fashionism “Smash Singles”

  192. Faunagraph "s/t"

  193. Fire In The Radio "Telemetry"

  194. Fire In The Radio "New Air"

  195. Fire Next Time "Cold Hands"

  196. Fire Next Time "Knives"

  197. Fire Next Time "Hungry River Hymns"

  198. Fire Next Time "Wild Rose Sorrow"

  199. Freak Dream “Into The Sun”

  200. Friday Prophets, The “In The Key Of Sublimation”

  201. Fond of Tigers "Release The Saviors"

  202. Fond of Tigers “Uninhabit”

  203. Ford Pier Vengeance Trio "Huzzah"

  204. Foregone

  205. Foster Kare "Karen Foster"

  206. French for Sled Dogs

  207. Friolento

  208. Fury and The Mouse "The Seahorse Of Undesirable Truth"

  209. Get Highs, The

  210. Gordon Smith “st”

  211. Ghost House "These Are"

  212. Ghost House "Arrivals"

  213. Ghost House "The Good"

  214. Ghost House "The Old"

  215. Ghost House "The Present Tense"

  216. Ghost House "The Years"

  217. Glad Rags “Smile

  218. Glad Rags “Population 101 b/w Pray 4 Me”

  219. Go It Alone "Seven Inch Single"

  220. Gordon Smith new record to be released 2016

  221. Green Belt Collective "Our Homes"

  222. Greenback High

  223. Grounding

  224. Gung-Hos, The “coming soon”

  225. Haggatha "split with Moloch""

  226. Haggatha "II"

  227. Haggatha "III"

  228. Haggatha "IV"

  229. Haggatha "V"

  230. Hand, The "Brothers, We Are Rich"

  231. Hand, The "split with Fun 100"

  232. Hank Pine

  233. Harbour

  234. Hard Drugs "s/t"

  235. Hard Feelings "s/t"

  236. Harmless Heroes "s/t"

  237. Harmless Heroes "Sound In The Stone"

  238. Hashteroid “Return To Hash Planet”

  239. Headcrusher “With Death Comes Silence”

  240. Heavy Party

  241. Heldin

  242. Heron “A Low Winters Sun”

  243. Hextalls "Play With Heart"

  244. Hextalls "Rock You to Sleep"

  245. Hextalls "Call It A Comeback"

  246. Hextalls "Get Smashed"

  247. Hi-Ranger “s/t”

  248. Hi-Ranger “coming soon”

  249. High Signs “If So, The What”

  250. Hill Beast "Son Of Hill Beast"

  251. Himalayan Bear “coming soon:

  252. Hong Kong Blonde "7""

  253. Hong Kong Blonde "Splitfinger Fastball"

  254. Hoodwinks, The

  255. Hoodwinks, The "Just this Twice"

  256. Hoopsnake "Curse Of The White Widow"

  257. Hoopsnake “Snowmanmoth”

  258. Hooray For Everything

  259. Huevo And The Giant

  260. I am I

  261. Ice Cold "Complete Discography"

  262. Ice Cold "Rise Of The Storm Thrashers"

  263. Impeders Of Progress "S/T"

  264. In Low Light

  265. In Stride

  266. In The Endtime

  267. Ink Brothers

  268. Isotopes "Around The Horn"

  269. Japandroids "Art Czars"

  270. Japandroids "Celebration Rock"

  271. Japandroids "Heavenward Gran Prix"

  272. Japandroids "Post Nothing"

  273. Japandroids "The House That Heaven Built"

  274. Japandroids "Younger Us"

  275. Japandroids “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”

  276. JC "A Nation Turns it's Back & Gags"

  277. Jeffy Genetic And His Clones “Need A Wave”

  278. Jesse LeBourdais “Grief Intensity Friendship”

  279. Jeremy Allingham “Run Wild”

  280. Jeremy Allingham "That One Song"

  281. Jess Hill "Orchard"

  282. Jess Hill "Pieces"

  283. Jody Glenham "Focus Pull"

  284. Joel "Return of The Fucked"

  285. Joel & The Last of The Neighbors "Antidote"

  286. Joel & The Last of The Neighbours "Short Lived Summers"

  287. Joel Battle "Slow Learner"

  288. Jolts, The "8%"

  289. Jolts, The "Haute Voltage"

  290. Jolts, The "No Paradoxes"

  291. Karen Foster "Cura And The Terrifying Indifference"

  292. Karen Foster "In Formation Go The Heard"

  293. Karma Sohn "Objects Of Affection"

  294. Kent McAlister "How I'll Remain"

  295. Kent McAllister & The Iron Choir "The Way it Rolls"

  296. Keroscene “Various Singles”

  297. Kersey "Bloodshot"

  298. Killer Campground "In The Country"

  299. Kleine

  300. Koma “Doomonic”

  301. Koma “And Now You Suffer”

  302. Late Spring “Trembly Fog”

  303. Last Plague "Sex and Murder"

  304. Last Starfighters, The "May Silence Never Find Us"

  305. Les Sexy

  306. Lesser Negatives

  307. Life Against Death "Life Against Death"

  308. Life Against Death "Parasitic Inhabitance"

  309. Limb From Limb "Death Famine Plague"

  310. Limbs of The Stars "Heartwarmongering"

  311. Little Sprout

  312. Lisa's Hotcakes "Hotter"

  313. Lisa’s Hotcakes "Love HZ"

  314. Lise Monique & The Wintermits "Alouette E.P."

  315. Little Bombs "Strange"

  316. LMNOP "EP"

  317. Long Gun Registry "Chamber Music"

  318. Lonnie Rathie "Travelling Alone"

  319. Lucas Penner "Passerby"

  320. Luke Guthrie "Black Creek Swimmer"

  321. Malahat

  322. Man Your Horse "Marrel of Bonkeys"

  323. Man Your Horse "Shorts"

  324. Mass Grave "s/t"

  325. Mass Grave "split 10" with Catheter

  326. Mass Grave "split 12" with Storm Crow"

  327. Mass Grave "split 7" with Global Holocaust"

  328. Mass Grave "split 7" with In Disgust"

  329. Mass Grave "split 7" with PLF"

  330. Mass Grave "split 7" with Poser Disposer"

  331. Mass Grave "split 7" with Think Don't Spray"

  332. Mass Grave "The Absurdity Of Humanity"

  333. Mass Grave “Our Due Descent”

  334. Me "s/t"

  335. Me, The Guts “Lost Faith In Our Guts”

  336. Means to an End "Demo"

  337. Meat of Mankind "Complete Discography"

  338. Mete Pills "Ill Feet"

  339. Mi'ens "Experimentalsparklenoisepop"

  340. Mi'ens “Challenger”

  341. Microscopic

  342. Midnight Snakes “S/T E.P.”

  343. Misery Signals "Rain City Sessions"

  344. Moses And The Minutes

  345. Motorama "Dirt Track Specialist"

  346. Mr.Solid "s/t"

  347. Mudlark

  348. Mudlark "Told How To Live"

  349. My Project Blue "S/T"

  350. Needs “Limitations”

  351. Needles//Pins “Goodnight, Tomorrow”

  352. Needles//Pins “Heaven’s On The Hillside”

  353. New Fever "Goofballs"

  354. New Town Animals "Is Your Radio Active?"

  355. New Rituals

  356. New World on Fire "Guided Missiles & Misguided Men"

  357. New Years Resolution "Bullets of Love"

  358. Nielsens, The “Blurry Photos”

  359. No Liars “s/t”

  360. No Liars “The Cause And The Cure”

  361. Nunstalker "Defrocked"

  362. Oldage

  363. Ok Vancouver Ok "28-29"

  364. Ok Vancouver Ok "Escape The Common People"

  365. OK Vancouver OK "Houses"

  366. Ok Vancouver Ok "I Feel Nice"

  367. Ok Vancouver Ok "I Get so Drunk About Songs About Love"

  368. Ok Vancouver Ok "Ok Jeff Ok"

  369. Ok Vancouver Ok "The Balcony"

  370. Ok Vancouver Ok “In Transition”

  371. Old Wives "Here We Go Again"

  372. One Eleven Archer "Familiar Highs"

  373. One Eleven Archer "S/T"

  374. Oneyedjacks "Back From The Dead"

  375. Oneyedjacks "Higher Key"

  376. Oneyedjacks "YARRR!"

  377. Onward Chariots "Take Me To Somewhere"

  378. Operation Makeout "First Base"

  379. Operation Makeout "Hang Loose"

  380. Operation Makeout "I Do An Amazing Impersonation Of Myself split 7 inch"

  381. Osk "split 7" with Afternoon Gentlemen"

  382. Osk "split 7" with Bridgeburner"

  383. Osk "split 7" with Roskopp"

  384. Osk "split 7" with Scumbelly"

  385. Osk "split 7" with War Hero"

  386. Osk "We Will Never Change"

  387. Osk “coming soon”

  388. Outdoor Fun “Oysters And Nightingales”

  389. Pack AD, The “Dollhouse”

  390. Pack AD, The “Positive Thinking”

  391. Pack AD, The "Do Not Engage"

  392. Pack AD, The "Funeral Mixtape"

  393. Pack AD, The "Unpersons"

  394. Pack AD, The "We Kill Computers"

  395. Painted Youth "Painted Youth"

  396. Paper Cranes "Halcyon Days"

  397. Paper Lanterns "Love Paper Lanterns"

  398. Parallels, The "1976 Mclean"

  399. Paul Warsaw "Good and Sad"

  400. Peace Be Still "64"

  401. Peace Be Still “Untitled E.P.”

  402. Percheron "Aint Dead Yet"

  403. Percheron "Love You To Death"

  404. Perpetual Warfare “Earthliens”

  405. Perry Como Lives

  406. Philoceraptor "Stop Ruining Fun"

  407. Phoenix Thunderbird "Repetition"

  408. Physical Challenge

  409. Plus Perfect "A New Atlantis"

  410. Plus Perfect "House On Fire"

  411. Plus Perfect "The Purge"

  412. Poor Baby “A Personal Apocalypse”

  413. Portico "Shape To Form"

  414. Precious Things “We Came To Get Hurt”

  415. Previous Tenants "Rare Form"

  416. Previous Tenants "Living Room"

  417. Pride Tiger "Wood, Dahk, Frose, Payette"

  418. Prisoners "This Is All Of The Time"

  419. Proud Animal

  420. Purple Trees “Still Love”

  421. Radii "Honour System"

  422. Rainbow Road "Want”

  423. Real Ponchos, The "Since I Let You Go"

  424. Rebel Spell, The "Last Run"

  425. Red Light Sting, The "Hands Up Tiger"

  426. Red Light Sting, The "Our Love Soaking In It"

  427. Red Light Sting, The "Rub Em Down, Rub Em Out"

  428. Red Light Sting, The "split with Hot Hot Heat"

  429. Reef Shark "Better Weather"

  430. Reef Shark “Mind Race”

  431. Regional Hats, The "Morning Will Come"

  432. Remedials, The "Drop Outta School"

  433. Remedials, The "Songs For The ADD Generation"

  434. Remedials, The "Strike Three"

  435. Remedials, The "The End Is Here"

  436. Remedials “Honourable Mention”

  437. Repossessors "20 Angry Months"

  438. Repossessors "All Fixed Up"

  439. Reserve 34 "Complete Discography"

  440. Reserve 34 "Rain City Games"

  441. Reverter "Future You"

  442. Rick Reid “Days Of Heaven”

  443. Ritual Dictates “coming soon”

  444. Rob Moir "Adventure Handbook"

  445. Robosexuals

  446. Robosexuals "Mistakes Enough for Everyone"

  447. Rock Band Called Time, The "Machine"

  448. Rock Band Called Time, The "The Rock Band Called Time"

  449. Rotting Hills "By Their Deeds They Will Be Known"

  450. Ruben D'grude "with Hot Diamonds"

  451. SBDC “The Feeling Of Winning”

  452. S.T.R.E.E.T.S "Worms"

  453. S.T.R.E.E.T.S. "Bo Bo Knar Knar"

  454. S.T.R.E.E.T.S. "Invaders from Knars"

  455. Sabertooth "Spaces Between"

  456. Sabertooth "Morning Breath"

  457. Sabrael "Beard of Zeus"

  458. Safety Show "Blackwater"

  459. Safety Show "Old Burro"

  460. Sandstorm “coming soon”

  461. Secret Mommy "Plays"

  462. Selina Koop And The Blank "Completely"

  463. Semi-Louis

  464. Shannon Wood "The Space Echo"

  465. Sharp Teeth "s/t"

  466. Shit For Brains "SFB"

  467. Silence Kit “Kitty Kitty”

  468. Silent Treatment, The "Splitsville or Bust"

  469. Skatomatics "High Maintenance"

  470. Slates "Prairie Fires"

  471. Slates "s/t"

  472. Slow Learners "Grow On You"

  473. Smoke Trees, The

  474. Snakes “Night Lights”

  475. Sorels, The "Ride The Jam"

  476. Soulsucker "s/t"

  477. Spectres "Cold War"

  478. Spectres "Visions Of A New World"

  479. Spinoffs, The "I Said Sometimes: A Tribute to Bum"

  480. Spinoffs, The "Stayin' Alive 7""

  481. Spinoffs, The "Straight LeaTher Jacket"

  482. Spinoffs, The "Street Rock Stars"

  483. St. Tibs Day "s/t"

  484. St. Tibs Day "...And Our Voices Remain Unheard"

  485. Stamina Mantis "The Hive Recordings"

  486. Starlight Pines “City Lights”

  487. Steve Adamyk Band “coming soon”

  488. Stickshift “Demo”

  489. Stoned Eyes "Infest"

  490. Storc “II”

  491. Strange Things

  492. Street Legal Dirt Bike "SLDB"

  493. Stunts, The

  494. Subhumans "Same Thoughts, Different Day"

  495. Subhumans "New Dark Age Parade"

  496. Submission Hold "Garlic For Victory"

  497. Sucklings, The

  498. Sunset on Broadway

  499. Supervoid "Infinity Plus One"

  500. Swanvista "Unequal = Nothing is Equal"

  501. Swather “coming soon

  502. Sweat Threats “Sweet Treats”

  503. Sweat Threats “Pop My Cherry”

  504. Tallyho! "The Kobra & Friends Present..."

  505. Tea And Two Slices

  506. Teeth To Your Throat “coming soon”

  507. Ten Days Late "Go with The Flow"

  508. Territories “S/T”

  509. Territories “coming soon”

  510. The Flintettes "Laugh Before I Cry"

  511. The Flintettes "Open Your Eyes"

  512. The Flintettes "The Choice Is Ours"

  513. They Shoot Horses Don't They? "s/t"

  514. Tobeatic "All to Hell"

  515. Tranzmitors "Bigger Houses, Broken Homes"

  516. Tranzmitors "Busy Singles"

  517. Tranzmitors "Look What You're Doing To Me b/w Teenage Filmstar"

  518. Tranzmitors "S/T"

  519. Tranzmitors "Teenage Tragedy b/w Invisible Girl"

  520. Tranzmitors "We Are All Alone With You b/w Between Planets"

  521. Tranzmitors "Live A Little More 12""

  522. Tranzmitors "Some Girls"

  523. Tranzmarr “coming soon”

  524. Trembling "Pulses"

  525. Tribune "Tales"

  526. Union St "Moving On"

  527. Uptights "Edge Of The Earth b/w Some People"

  528. Uptights "FurTher From Home b/w Quiet Times

  529. Uptights "Warning Signs b/w The Basics"

  530. Uptights “Time And Space”

  531. Utopia “Demo”

  532. Uway Today

  533. Vancougar "Swan Song"

  534. Vancougar "Losin' It"

  535. Varge "Must Lunge"

  536. Very Good "Sean Cronin's Very Good"

  537. Vicious Cycles “Motorcycho”

  538. Vicious Cycles “Brother Ray”

  539. Virginia Leaves “As Long as I’ve Lived”

  540. Vonnegut Dollhouse "Breakup Record"

  541. Vonnegut Dollhouse "Ornamental ETherworld"

  542. Waingro "s/t"

  543. Waingro “Mount Hood”

  544. Waingro “coming soon”

  545. Walk The Line

  546. War Baby “Coma Kid”

  547. Wayward Hearts, The “High Impedance”

  548. We Hunt Buffalo "Living Ghosts"

  549. We Hunt Buffalo “Head Smashed In”

  550. Weathered Pines "The Sky Between The Buildings"

  551. Weirding "Each Birth is a New Disaster"

  552. What Wrong Tohei "Sick Days"

  553. What's Wrong Tohei? "Bruce"

  554. What's Wrong Tohei? "S/T"

  555. Whoop-Szo “coming soon”

  556. Whiskey Face "Soothing Absence of Light"

  557. Whiskey Jacks "Old Vancouver Town"

  558. White Lung "Deep Fantasy"

  559. White lung "It's The Evil"

  560. White Lung "Magazines"

  561. White Lung "Sorry"

  562. White Lung “coming soon”

  563. Whitey "Stomp The Yard"

  564. Whitey "Watch Your Mouth"

  565. Whitey "West of Hope"

  566. Whitey "s/t"

  567. Whitey "Five"

  568. Winning "Could We Believe In Magic?"

  569. Winning "This Is An Ad For Cigarettes"

  570. Wiser Fool "All That Is Left Behind"

  571. Wiser Fool "Wiser Fool"

  572. Witness Protection Program "Boom Jam!"

  573. Witness Protection Program "The Revolution That Never Was And Never Will Be"

  574. Woodhawk “Beyond The Sun”

  575. Woolworm “Deserve To Die”

  576. WPP, The "Baam! Jaam!"

  577. WPP, The "He Has The Technology"

  578. Zelda Belladona and the Deadly Nightshades

  579. Zip Guns